Why are we the fire safety specialists?.. because our first priority is about understanding people and the protection required to be safe from fire. It’s only then that we can survey the environments they spend their time in and assess how best to protect them from fire.
Alarms, Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Lighting, Risk Assessments, Fire Training and PAT Testing - one call does it all !
We supply and install...

Fire Alarms

We provide conventional and addressable fire alarm systems which are individually designed to meet customer requirements to keep them safe from unnecessary risks. We install commission and maintain systems to BS-5839. Systems are maintained by our team 365 days a year and on call 24hrs a day.

Fire Extinguishers

Statistics show that 75% of all fires are extinguished before the fire services arrive at the scene. It is a legal requirement to have suitable extinguishers within company buildings and it is essential that they are correctly maintained in accordance with BS-5306. At Central Fire we service, supply and install all types of fire extinguishers.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting plays an important role in fire safety as they provide visible fire exits and escape routes in the event of a fire. At Central Fire we maintain and service existing emergency lights to BS-5266. Where emergency lighting has not been installed we supply and fit a full range of lighting products.
We don't stop there...

PAT Testing

Pat testing forms an important core of any Health and safety Policy, a combination of the
Health and safety at Work Act and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 places responsibility
on the employer to ensure that all types of electrical equipment are inspected and tested. The pat testing
carried out by Central Fire Protection will ensure compliance with the above regulations.
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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments play a fundamental part in the procedures required and are designed to help business identify all the potential fire risks and hazards in a building and plan for a fire emergency. All our risk assessments are carried out by engineers approved by the Institute of Fire Engineers.

Fire Training

Fire training for staff is a legal requirement of The Fire safety (Scotland) Regulation 2006, we aim to help you meet all your obligations and raise awareness from the dangers caused by fire. We specialise in the delivery of on-site staff fire training. This can be tailored specifically to meet your individually requirements.